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It's a damn, dirty podcast!  In The ApeCast, talking apes and best buddies Geoff and Jack go ape for every ape they see! Join them for spirited discussions of every Planet of the Apes movie, book, television episode and as many of the comics as they can get their hands on! And you won't want to miss their bonus episodes about all the other great ape-based entertainment out there. Grab a beer and a banana, sit back, and enjoy the best guide to the wide world of apes you'll ever hear!

Feb 7, 2019

They finally, really did it… Those maniacs! They drew it up! Visionary Rod Serling’s legendary script for the original Planet of the Apes has been adapted into graphic novel form, and Jack & Geoff are on it! They get into the book’s beautifully deceptive cover art, the pros and cons of a Heston-free astronaut character, fascinating ape facial hair and the triumphant return of monkey-bar crosswalks to the Apes franchise.